Saturday, March 31, 2012

Haiti - Part 2

In addition to visiting different missions in the area, Robin and Kaylin also got a chance to do some sight seeing. CWFH took their staff and their vision trippers to a couple of different spots. Great timing. So, these are just a few of the places they got to see in Haiti.
Robin and Kaylin brought back some of these coffee beans roasted by this very lady. I am having a cup right now. Excellent.
The memorial to honour all of those buried in the mass graves after the earthquake.
The Bicentennial Monument that honours independence from France in 1804.
The Presidential Palace that was destroyed in the earthquake.
I can remember in 1982 when I was in Haiti sitting next to people in the airport who had just come back from Club Med Haiti. After spending a summer there, it just seemed wrong to see what I considered the indulgence of spoiled Americans being far removed from the reality of life in Haiti. Club Med was closed a couple of times in Haiti due to the instability in the country but the facility now belongs to a local Haitian and is a retreat from that same reality of Haiti.
It still isn't back to its former glory but it is nice and is now Club Indigo. Locally owned and operated. However, as Kaylin was sitting there, contributing to the local economy, she said that it just felt wrong. But it was part of their experience.

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