Sunday, March 18, 2012

Still celebrating

Friday Peter officially turned 11 so we went out to Boston Pizza which was his choice and another item off our March Madness list. He had a few more presents given to him and so the waitress asked if it was his birthday. Emily and I knew what was coming but Peter didn't have a clue.
Where is the camera when you need it? The staff all came out singing their birthday song and Peter looked all around to see what was going on. When he realized the singing was for him, his face was priceless. He was shocked! and embarrassed! After it was all over, he said, "Let's not tell anybody it's my birthday next time."
He was given another new game by Josh. The game of the night was Appletters. It's another word game but it's almost harder than Bananagrams. It's still fun.
Emily was the champ this night. And clearly pleased with herself.
Another fun moment of the night was when Peter did an imitation of Josh. Josh watched the kids one night for me and Peter wasn't too pleased with his bedtime. However he had been sick so Josh may have given a bit of a lecture and wielded his authority. The topic came up and so Peter gave his impersonation of Josh. It was so unexpected and spot on that I think Emily and I laughed so hard we had tears. Fun times. But I think we can finally put Peter's birthday to rest for 2012. We are done.

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