Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our own March Madness

Well March is in full swing and most of the birthdays are behind us and we had 2 weeks ahead of us with just 3 of us in the house. So we put together 14 activities that we could possibly do. Keeping in mind that one of us was working and the other 2 only had one week off of school and the other week they would be in school.
Then enter illness. Peter has been sick on and off the entire first week of our March Madness. Here he is halfway through the day in his pj's being entertained by the great big book of History of the 20th century. I'm sure Joshua was entertaining as well.
He was so miserable on Wednesday that I had to stay home with the kids. Well actually only for half of the day. But that gave Gaëlle and I the chance to do some baking. We made easter egg cakes decorated with lots of icing.
We also had an unexpected visit from Grammy and Grampy. My aunt passed away and so my parents came up for the funeral. It was truly sad to say goodbye to my aunt and to know that she leaves her family behind. But selfishly, it was a blessing to have my parents around.
Gaëlle had an attentive playmate in her Grampy. He sewed cards with her.
He even played blindfold games with her. She was deliriously happy to snatch the hidden object away from him and run it to another hiding spot. Not many of us would have the patience to put up with that, but he did and happily. And she giggled and giggled.
We did manage to knock off one of our activities from our list. We went to visit the submarine playground downtown and it was a perfect day for it. Still a little cool but it was nice and sunny and just great to be outside.
The submarine is bright orange and really kind of fun to look at. Peter prefers the old ship better but this one is unique and lots of fun too.
Peter is an old pro at the wave. He made it to the top on his 2nd try. Gaëlle still can't quite get there on her own. Some day.
I tried to get a photo of the kids with their grandparents but one of the 4 was stuck on being silly. Oh well.

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