Friday, March 23, 2012

Where was my camera

This week the weather has been amazing. The kids have been outside as much as possible and last night when we walked to the playground, the new parents were out in force with their cameras getting the cutest pictures of their babies in swings, and coming down the slide. For the most part I have been a slacker mom with the camera.
But I did manage to get Gaƫlle on her scooter just working hard and having a blast.
Then there's Peter. Notice the crutches. Today the school called to let me know Peter was playing soccer and had fallen. I needed to come pick him up. So away I went. And away we went to the hospital. Fortunately he is not in pain, really, but he did something to the ligaments in his right knee. He can't put a lot of weight on it and he has been referred to the orthopedic surgeon at the IWK. The Dr from the IWK even called our home tonight and asked about his knee and his symptoms and let me know that he didn't want Peter to put any weight on his knee and to use the crutches. So, there you go. What a day. But the good news is that Sunday's coming. It's another birthday and 2 special people are coming home. We have missed them soooo much.

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