Sunday, March 18, 2012

The birthdays keep coming

We had a 2 party day. A few days late for Emily and a few days early for Peter. But first in the day was Peter's party. He asked for pizza and ice cream cake. Actually he asked for cheesecake but I thought that was a little too much for kids. So he went with ice cream. Instead of a store bought one, I made it. It tasted great, but it didn't look all that professional.
Then Peter and his friends headed out for a movie. They went to see "Journey 2" and it seems that they all really enjoyed it.
Next in the day was Emily's birthday meal. I don't even have to ask her what she would like. She loves a ham meal with mashed potatoes smothered with cream corn.
She has asked for the same cake for the past 2 years; chocolate chip banana cake with peanut butter cream cheese icing. It is soooooo good. A little goes a long way tho. I really can't believe that Emily is 21. Well I can but I can't. She has matured so much over the past few years and yet it seems like just yesterday that she was my little girl who promised her dad she would never grow up. I think the promise has been broken and I'm more than glad that it was. It's truly exciting to watch her flourish in her studies and in her activities.
Peter's main gift was a camera. He has had an old one that he has used that doesn't take great pictures so now he has one that works great. He was thrilled.
Emily & Kaylin were pretty pumped about one of the presents they gave Peter; a book about Star Wars. Emily thinks it's the kind of book they would have loved and that I never would have bought for them. They're probably right.
We ended the night with some games. As you can see the concentration was somewhat fierce. There's nothing like a rousing game of Bananagrams.
The girls also gave Peter the game of Clue. Again, it provoked some fierce concentration. Peter calls it the killing game which is sort of a unique perspective. All in all the day was wonderful. It was full and busy but wonderful. I enjoyed time together with family and friends and can easily count myself as blessed to have so much fullness in my life.

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