Saturday, April 7, 2012

Belated Birthday

I know it's April but I'm going to flash back to March and our last March birthday. We haven't been able to celebrate Joshua's birthday in person for the last 4 years. So Robin made sure to keep up the trend and he decided to get stuck in Haiti so that he missed the actual date. However, the party went on. Joshua opened a bag and found his favorite chips.
Peter also painted a picture for him. It's also signed by the artist because that's so important.
I picked up some peeps and Peter and Gaƫlle had their first peeps. Pure sugar. How can that be bad?
And of course, we had lemon meringue cake. This would be Joshua's cake of choice. Altho he is pretty easygoing when it comes to cakes.
This is Kaylin waiting it out in the Port au Prince airport instead of being home with us. Latte, game, and patience galore.

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