Saturday, April 7, 2012

Haitian coffee

Robin and Kaylin brought back some roasted coffee from Haiti. One of the employees at Clean Water for Haiti roasts the beans and they sell them as a fund raiser for CWFH.
Gaëlle loves grinding the beans up. The first time she pressed the grinder lid down and it made such a loud noise, she jumped. I wish I had caught that on film. It was priceless. She's ready for the noise now and loves to grind.
It's nice to have freshly ground Haitian coffee. Gaëlle and Peter love to share their Haitian "stuff" with our guests. So now anyone coming over is offered not just coffee, but Haitian coffee. Too cute. We also have some Haitian vanilla so when we bake, we refer to our vanilla as Haitian vanilla. It definitely fills them with pride.

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