Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday Snow Storm

Yesterday was a snow day. I just caught a glimpse of the boys shovelling out our neighbour's driveway. We didn't go to church but we had home church. We played some rounds of Bible Drills. We gave Josh a handicap by making him use my very small Message Bible. Peter and Gaelle have been learning the books of the New Testament. This January I think we'll start with the Old Testament books. We also did a lesson on The Lord's Prayer. Gaelle loved home church. She can be so enthusiastic some times. 

We've had a bit of fun playing a new game my brother made himself and sent us for Christmas.

Peter and Gaelle repeatedly ask to play. 

The younger kids can play just as easily as the older ones although it's the kind of game where if you know the other people really well, it helps.

Gaelle is showing us her drawing of "something exciting". She drew a plane and the Eiffel Tower. I think the idea of visiting Paris came from her Fancy Nancy book. Nobody guessed it right.

Peter had to teach us a dance. He did Gangnam style dance. Robin, Josh, and Beth all got it right.

We did 3 rounds and Josh and Beth each got 4 points. Wahoo.

Yesterday during the snow storm we also played a rousing game of India Rails. Peter has become quite the fan and does well, but Josh still managed an easy win. 

The board showing all our rails. 

Kaylin had a bit of a set back yesterday with her wisdom teeth. One side is now swollen and somewhat painful. The oral surgery office called today (Monday) and they aren't concerned. It's all normal. She did get in on a few games. We all played Tri Bond and then a few rounds of Bananagrams. 

Robin hauled out the panini maker once more last night for some excellent sandwiches. He and Josh got creative with bacon, ham, lots of veggies, and a mustard mayo combination. It was delish. 

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