Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

I only worked Christmas Eve morning and by the time I got home, Kaylin and Gaelle had already done a bit of cleaning. I wanted to get some baking done so I hauled out a puppet kit my mom had given the kids.

These kids are super creative and the puppet materials entertained them most of the afternoon. Which was good because Josh was in the emergency room from 11 am until 8:30 pm with a pain. Robin took him there and I was a bit concerned all day. He left with a prescription and managed to make his way to our house when he was finished so that was good. 

We went to the 6 pm service at church and when we got home we had a few things to eat.

I did a lousy job with the photos but here are a few.

Trena and Aunt Floris joined us which was so nice. 

Josh doesn't look like he was in outpatients all day, does he?

Emily went to church with the lady she is an attendant for and then came to our house for a sleep over. After all, it's tradition. 

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