Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Shuffle

I signed our family up for The Santa Shuffle Run put on by the Salvation Army. Today was the day.

Numbers on.

Smiles in place.

Ready to go. The kids were mocking Robin and myself a bit because we were obsessed by the cold. It was only about -6 C but the run was along the waterfront and you just never know when the wind will kick in.

Emily is a new runner. She started this fall consistently running and as you can tell, she was in the Christmas spirit.

I signed the whole family up as there was a 1 K Elf Walk/Run. Peter and Gaelle could easily run/walk 5K but I didn't know if I wanted to take the time to do that. There were several families with strollers and young kids doing just that but for this year, I went with Peter and Gaelle on the 1K. Peter came in first. He ran the whole way. I stayed with Gaelle and she just had to walk a couple of times. She came in 5th.

And here comes Emily. She had a bit of energy at the end.

Here comes Josh. He hasn't been running steadily and doesn't really enjoy it so I'm glad he came along.

They had chilli and hot chocolate at the end. Good times.

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