Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Celebrations

I'm so excited to start our advent celebrations. Last year we used the free resource from Ann Voskamp which was great and fun and easy. I had to paraphrase the words a bit to keep things moving for my kids. I tucked it away last year and was just getting ready to pull it out for December when I came across another resource that we already have and also love.

The Jesus Storybook Bible has 24 days all ready laid out. A blogger shared it and another blogger came up with a printable and I stumbled across it from another blogger. All that to say, it will be our daily advent Bible reading for this year. I absolutely love The Jesus Storybook Bible.

I also want to share another fun resource we've been using lately. My sister gave this book to Gaelle and we are using it to learn the books of the Bible. Peter has done really well but Gaelle is also able to spout off the books and is quite proud when she can beat Peter. The true test will be sword drills with the older siblings. We've done small ones with just Peter so he's anxious to test himself against the others.

There's also a website with short videos and coloring pages to download.  It's all very clever and it's been painless to memorize the books of the Bible. We work on it every morning during breakfast. 

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Anonymous said...

I believe The Jesus Storybook Bible is the book I was so impressed with that I bought one for you and one for Ruth. I was thrilled to find one on bag day last month for David. This is happiness! Mom