Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happenings around the house

Yesterday Kaylin got her 4 wisdom teeth removed. She did very well with the surgery and was not in any pain yesterday. She couldn't talk very well after the surgery and had a case of the giggles but she stayed quiet and watched movies and snuggled with Snickers. 

My running has been very slack lately but Emily and I were able to go for a quick run once so far. Maybe we can fit another one in. Now Emily is trying to talk me into running the half marathon in Halifax this May. We'll see.

Panini press in action. Lots of sandwiches. 

Even an attempt at s'mores.

Gaelle has decided the s'more was pretty good.

Peter is pretty excited about learning to play bass guitar. It  makes lots of noise. What could be better?

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