Saturday, December 22, 2012

A little bit of knitting

So after Kaylin pulled out her knitting Gaelle was consumed with learning how to knit. So, I finally took a little time and showed her the basics.

When Gaelle is motivated and pays attention, she can easily catch on. And she did.

After Peter saw us at work, he also got in on the act.

Full of concentration.

3 kids knitting on the couch.

Almost a week later and only one project has been completed. Kaylin finished her infinity scarf. Peter and Gaelle have ripped out their stitches multiple times. But it was fun trying to learn.

Peter asked to make and take Christmas Toffee Squares for his class party on Wednesday. So on Tuesday night, we started the process. We also made a batch for Gaelle's class. They were a big hit. Peter even printed out the recipe and gave it to some of the kids in his class. 

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