Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The last of the fun and games

Sometime around the new year, generally on New Year's Eve, our family gathers up all the fixings for make your own sub sandwiches.

And make your own ice cream sundaes.

This is a tradition loved by young and old. 

The bowls are loaded with sweet goodness, but somehow, Peter had no problem finishing his.

Since Peter and Gaelle have joined our family, we have added the New Years Day tradition of making "Soup Joumou". I use the recipe found here. 

So far, I've used butternut squash instead of pumpkin. It just seems easier.

There are lots of hearty vegetables.

I guess I also deviate a bit from the recipe because mine isn't as runny as the recipe calls. I've had it that way and like it, but I guess it just seems like it should be thicker. So thick it is.

It really is a great way for the kids to find pride in their Haitian heritage as we celebrate the independence of Haiti from France. 

Let's just say the video game "Minecraft" continued to be the most requested activity by one boy.

Gaelle is always happy to craft and even happier to have a partner.

We played a few rounds of Tri Bond and the men proved to be surprisingly good at making the connections. 

Kaylin and Josh were partners once again. And Snickers was more than content to spend time with Kaylin.

Yes, it's ice cream time again.

Pile it on.

We ended our New Year's Day with some Wii Resort Speed Sword play. You had to be the first one to slice the fruit in the correct position. Not as easy as it would seem.

Fierce competition all the way around. 

There's no way Robin was going to take it easy on his 7 year old daughter. Bring it on.

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