Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our final weekend

Saturday was Thai night. Emily offered to cook the entire meal for us.

Robin picked up the ingredients that she didn't already have and she was off.

It was delicious.

Her 2 main dishes were Chicken Pad Thai and Massaman Curry. 

She also made sticky rice which Gaelle enjoyed rolling in a ball and dipping in her food.

We ended the evening with a family game my brother made. 

There seemed to be a lot of covering of the mouths as answers were written down. 

A few attempts to see the answers anyway that were being written down.

Emily won the game although we're fairly certain there was some cheating going on.

My mom gave Kaylin these capri pants shrunken into a tiny shape. She has been saving them for just the right time and decided to finally grow them. Gaelle was in heaven watching the pants expand.

But expand they did and after they were dried out, Kaylin couldn't believe she waited so long. She loves them.

Peter has been asking to be baptized for a while and this Sunday was the special day. The children's pastor along with the assistance of the senior pastor were the ones to lead him through this. It was a special moment and all of us were able to be there to witness the celebration. I have a video that I have to get ready to put up. I forgot to remind Kaylin to bring her good camera but at least we have a photo.

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