Saturday, June 25, 2011

Soccer star

This is Peter's 2nd year of soccer and we can certainly see the difference in his ability from last year even though he hasn't been playing soccer much through the year. Just the fact that he's a year older and has had other athletic opportunities in the past year has made him able to focus more and he's more coordinated.

I could tell the night before his soccer started that he was nervous about something. The inane questions started and the non stop chatter was in full force. (That's not always nerves, sometimes that's just his silly self.) I'm trying to get him to recognize that he's feeling something when this behavior starts without making him feel like he's doing something wrong. Right before he started his practice he admitted to Robin that he was a bit nervous about starting again. Maybe he wasn't going to be any good.

That is excellent for him to start putting into words what he feels. It's not easy for a lot of us and it's especially not easy for him.

We've all been anxious for this day... the day Gaƫlle becomes a Tim Bit. We were fairly confident that she would stand out on the field and she certainly does.

She doesn't have much skill yet, and let's face it, not many of the other kids do either. But she certainly has determination. And speed.

She does lack a little bit of focus, again, pretty common with the little ones. But all we have to do is start cheering her name and she pours on the speed and races for the ball. Kids start falling and somehow she ends up with the ball. Then she flashes us a smile and a big wave.

She is loving it!!!!

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Janice Rand said...

Great to see them playing soccer. It's a good sport of all kinds of reasons. Hope they have a great summer!