Saturday, June 18, 2011

School Fair

Now that Peter and Gaëlle have been here for over a year, we are starting to do repeats... activities they have already done once and so now they know what to expect. It's powerful to see the memories come to the surface and to see their excitement as they anticipate the KNOWN. So much about their lives here is still unknown. There are still so many activities/concepts that most kids their age take for granted and they are just clueless about.

It was also interesting to see the difference in their approach to the school fair. Peter was ready to spend his tickets on all of the activities all at once. He was ready to dive in. Gaëlle wanted to walk around and see everything first before she committed her tickets.

Her first choice was a tattoo.

Peter played a spinner game and the spinner stopped at a nail polish kit. My creative son came home and painted rocks with it.

Gaëlle was all over the bouncy castle. There were some older girls in line who had to wait just for the younger children to be finished. I knew Gaëlle would love to be in with them and could easily hold her own so she bounced with the big girls. Smiles all around.

And of course we ended our morning with the BBQ hot dogs. Yum.

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