Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can I help?

This would be something Gaëlle asks every day at least once. "Can I help?" Usually I can find something for her to do. This time she mixed up the corn bread for me. And it was good. Whenever I have stains on clothing I make sure and call her. She loves to rub out stains and she does a great job.

On another note,our week has been a bit interesting. Gaëlle is having a difficult time. We're constantly analyzing the behavior and questioning why she is doing what she is doing.

A minor example: Lately she has been deliberately putting her shoes on the wrong feet. She will start to put them on correctly and then she will look up at us and deliberately change them so they are on the wrong feet. I picked her up yesterday and the first thing she did was draw attention to her feet and the fact that her shoes were on wrong. WHY? Wouldn't you think she would want to be the smart little girl who knows how to do everything well? Is it a simple matter of attention? She'll get attention however she can. She knows it bugs me when she can do something and she chooses not to?

There are a bazillion of these examples ranging from minor annoyance to serious concern. And this has been my week. Stay calm. Don't react. Go over my adoption resources. And breathe. Remember, it's all about safety and trust.

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