Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing catch up

Josh is the grill master in our family and so last Sunday he had the honors of cooking the meat and the fish. Yes, we had 3 options.

I knew all the boys would want the ribs but Gaëlle also turned out to LOVE the ribs. Peter and Gaëlle both love to clean off the bones. And clean them they do.

Robin decided to build a tree fort in the back yard. The kids are over the moon excited about it.

Can I help?

Robin kept the wooden ladder off until the very end but even so I caught Peter out there one day just hanging out on the fort. I really hope this is a good idea and not one of those things that spurs the kids on to dangerous stunts. You know... typical childish behaviour. Robin bought new materials and so it is very strong and as safe as he can make it.

One interesting thing to note. When Gaëlle first came home it seemed she had no fear of anything. She jumped into the water. She climbed on any kind of playground equipment that she could. Heights meant nothing. But Robin noticed that she was initially timid of the metal ladder he was using to build the fort. That's a good thing. Fear doesn't paralyze her but there is such a thing as healthy fear that makes us all act a little more careful.

Last weekend the kids were all outside when they saw a snake. It turns out Gable is the fearless one here. He literally dove to catch the snake. Never one to throw out the important stuff, Robin was able to pull out an aquarium, a warming rock, and chips for the tank. Peter kept the snake in his room for a few days but we have since let it go.

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