Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Caton's

Peter has been calling the new play fort "Little Caton's" after the ropes course at camp. Maybe just a bit smaller than Caton's; hence the "Little".

The big kid and little kids put the finishing touches on it this weekend. In fact, the 22 year old son had to talk some sense into the 46 year old dad. Robin's motto seems to be "Go big, or go home". But I think the fort is mainly finished.

Gaelle can't do all that Peter can do but she does her best to keep up anyway.

The zip line has been in storage for a few years, but Robin knew right where it was and out it came. He's not completely happy with the location, but the kids love it. Kaylin is a bit disappointed because her knees drag on the ground.

No dragging for Gaelle. It's just right.

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Anonymous said...

This is just soooo great!!! I can see the kids loving this, not to mention the "big kid". The smiles on their faces say it all,mind you, Gaelle half over the side of the fort gave me a start until I saw the rest of the pictures! Ok Beth, when is your first camp out with the kids in it? :-) Carol