Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A fun surprise

Still no news on the lost file, but Molly sent us some pictures of the kids opening their latest package from us. She also included some holiday photos. Once again, they both look great and seem to be doing very well. Just a few words from Molly.

"Gaëlle thought that the baby doll you sent had the most beautiful hair she had seen. She has done and redone its hair about a million times, and it now has so much pomade in it (since when the ladies do Gaëlle’s hair they put pomade in it, she thought that her baby needed it too) you can just mold it into whatever shape you want and the wax holds it in place."

"We had electrical problems at the toddler house for two weeks in January. One of the pistons on our generator busted and it took time to get a mechanic here, and to get it down to the shop, and then to diagnose the problem, etc. So we went without power. The staff was awesome and I was amazed at their willingness to do what needed done with very little complaining. One of the larger inconveniences was doing the laundry, which of course had to be done by hand. On morning the oldest girls (as washing is considered a female duty by culture) took it upon themselves do some of their own washing… and before long 8 of the boys had joined them. Peterson being one of them! He scrubbed and scrubbed and though doesn’t really know how to get things “clean” worked HARD at his self chosen task. He rung the articles out and hung them up to dry, a very proud boy."


Anonymous said...

that is a nice surprise....i have still been praying about that file.....it will be found!!!!! gosh what beautiful kids you have both inside and out!!!


Gwen said...

VERY nice surprise!! Do you always get updates from Molly? I enjoyed reading your update and seeing pictures of your cute children! I'm so disappointed that we don't have direct contact with GLA . . ? I feel like I'm missing out on so much. Praying for your file to be found and exit Parquet.