Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No news

Nothing new on the lost file, so we'll just keep praying and believing that it will be found.

I did have an interesting discussion this morning with a fellow volunteer in the literacy class. She's an older black lady who has no idea that I'm adopting 2 kids from Haiti and she just started telling me about things she's been learning lately. Mainly about white privilage.

Her entire life she has just ignored white privilage and tried to not think about it. But lately she's looking, reading, and discussing white privilage. And it makes her angry.

I guess what I find so interesting is that she's lived her entire life and is just now exploring these feelings and ideas. She even used the phrase, "I don't know who I am." I guess I thought black people here in Canada would go through this as teens and young adults and would come to some kind of peace. Or would work to effect change.

I've tried to read all that I can to prepare myself for parenting black children. White privilage is a concept that comes up frequently. Our family discusses this frequently. I'm looking forward to more discussions with her. She's completely frank and direct with her opinions and I hope as she works through this, she helps me see where she's coming from and what she sees.

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