Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet little Joseph

Last year we received a wonderful and lengthy letter all about the activities the kids had at GLA during the holidays. One of the special events was a play put on by the older children in the toddler house depicting the nativity. Peterson told Molly that he wanted to be in it next year. When I read that I thought, "Oh, poor kid... he probably won't be there next year to be in the play." But my dream of having the kids home by Christmas didn't happen and indeed, he was there. I even thought about contacting Molly to remind her that Peterson wanted to be in the play. But then I knew that Molly knows these children so well and she would put the right kids in the play. And lo and behold, Peterson got to play the part of Joseph. When I saw the pictures I was so happy for him. A little sad for me, but very happy for him. To see the actors just click on this link. You can also see him opening his presents on top of the play gym.

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Anonymous said...

these kids better be home by christmas 2009!!!! that is a very wonderful memory and how awesome you could share in him playing joseph...even if from far away.....