Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post Christmas ramblings

I've had a lot of fun this Christmas reading various adoption blogs and learning all the different ways other families celebrate during the season. Simplicity seems to be the key this year. I grew up with small, simple Christmases because my parents have always valued that lifestyle. My husband grew up with simple celebrations because he was one of 7 children, and that was their reality. I'm thankful we have that foundation.

When our son was born, we decided to only get the kids one main present and then fill their stocking. We've kept that up even tho as teens, they see all of their friends receive much more. There may be times that they felt a little down, but we have been blessed to always see them show their appreciation. Just a little brag. 5 years ago (the kids were 14,12,9) one of my husband's brothers spent Christmas with us. Earlier he had shared his bitterness about the lack of "stuff" he had during his childhood Christmases. My kids were estatic with their gifts. Josh received a hockey stick that was nicer than the kind he usually played with, but not even half as pricey as the kind some of his friends routinely used. You would have thought he received the moon. He was thrilled and he showed it. My brother-in-law could not hide his amazement and commented on it over and over.

I like the fun of Christmas morning, especially with children. I don't want to do away with the gift giving. But I love the simplicity of our day and the joy we have as a family just being together... laughing and sharing.

Emily's main gift this year was a puppet. A monster puppet. She asked for a puppet and so knew that's probably what she would receive but she didn't know what we would pick for her. She loved it!!! She has ministry plans for it. She wants to use it around here (our local library, the children's hospital, etc.) and also take it to Haiti and Thailand. Needless to say, that blesses my heart.

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