Thursday, February 26, 2009

Terre Sel

Part of the bumpy journey up the mountain to Terre Sel.

A cutie at the current school in Terre Sel.

The current school in Terre Sel watching the video that Jeff, the HS principle sent to tell about their support.

Emily catching some sun on the boat ride to La Gonave Island.

6 degrees of separation; the theory that we can connect to anyone in the world through 6 relationships. In other words, person A needs a maximum of 5 people to connect to person B, supposing person A doesn't know person B. Volunteerism illustrates this perfectly.

Craig Kielburger of Free the Children comes to Halifax and gives a presentation to students.

Jeff Lewis, principle of local high school was a missionary in La Gonave, Haiti.

Students from local high school decide to raise funds to build a school in Haiti.

Robin & Emily visit Haiti and take cash donations for a school in crisis.

Robin & Jeff were university roommates and so a visit is made to the future school site along with cash donations given to Robin by fellow workers who are also anxious to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

A great partnership between people in Halifax, Nova Scotia and people in Terre Sel, Haiti.

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