Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We don't like it

I was talking to my co-volunteer today about our adoption. I had previously asked if she had any book recommendations for me. I am fairly ignorant about the history of the black community in Nova Scotia and she is just now embracing and learning about her black history. So she had a couple of suggestions for me but also interesting coversation.

Her: I have been talking to my friends about you.

Me: Oh.

Her: Yes, we think you are courageous.

Me: About the adoption?

Her: Yes. We all think Haiti is rough.

Me: Really? In what way?

Lengthy discussion about black men. Nature vs. nurture. Education sucking the soul out of creative sensitive children of all races. The importance of love and compassion towards all.

I'm still not sure what she meant about Haiti being rough but then she continued.

Her: Do you want to know what black women think when they see a white woman with a black child?

Me: Yes. (thinking she's going to mention hair)

Her: We don't like it. But we'll talk more later. Call me.

Anyway, we'll talk more later because she really is a sweet lady and I think she now wants to help me understand, and racial injustice/ disharmony is very heavy on her heart.


Anonymous said...

i look forward to hearing what she has to say....i often wonder what the chinese think of me and my daughter......there has to be a sense of failure somewhere i would think.....failure as a culture to take care of their children...ah but what do i know.....


Jaime said...

I know I am naive but I wish we could all realize we descended from Adam and Eve and are all God's creation, one race. I wish love superceded the pigmentation scale and unity reigned. I wish pictures of Jesus were darker to show reality, but that we didn't really care because we were color blind. Oh, how I long for Heaven! Keep us posted on what she says next...