Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black history month

My mom is the queen of yard sales and thrift stores and don't forget those library sales. She just loves finding a good book and passing it on. We have received so many gems from her over the years. We just have to ask for a certain type of book and lo and behold, she finds it.

One category I'm asking her to scout out now are picture books with black children. She has already found some great books and she's still on the lookout. I just came across another great resource. The Brown Bookshelf is a website dedicated to shining the light on authors and illustrators of color writing for children. During the month of February they are featuring a different author or illustrator every day. I've enjoyed reading the interviews posted each day.

In particular I love the illustrations of Nicole Tadgell from February 3. I remember when Kaylin and I were going through Five in a Row when I was homeschooling her. It helped us learn about different styles and we both discovered what we liked and the emotion and power behind the art. I love the softness of watercolor and Kaylin loves the quirkiness of an illustrator like G. Brian Karas who did Truman's Aunt Farm.

I've requested No Mush Today from our library and look forward to many more gems this month.

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