Thursday, February 19, 2009

They're home

Robin and Emily came home from Haiti this week. They were gone for 2 weeks and we are so glad to have them back. They had some great adventures, but they both said that one of the best parts of the trip was sharing it together.

We have a picture of Peterson standing in the exact same spot here at the Baptist Mission. GLA takes the kids here to see the little zoo and to have a treat of french fries.

Robin loves playing with the kids. Nothing like a man doing a little dosey do, holding a child at the same time. These kids are from an orphanage on La Gonave.

A former missionary to Haiti here in Halifax is raising money for this small school in La Gonave. They need to build a new building in order to qualify as a Compassion school. Then the kids will get sponsors and the community as well as lives will be changed. Robin said that the school currently has next to nothing. It was a slow 6 hour drive up the mountain just to get here.

Emily loving some kids in Bainet. Being around the kids was also a highlight for Emily but also difficult to see the hardship and sorrow some of them face daily.


Anonymous said...

so sweet....brent and i often talk about taking our kids(when they get older) to different places around the world...what a great parent child bonding time!!!...i hope the school finds funding....your daughter is beautiful!!!


Jaime said...

Glad they are back safely... I"m sure they have memories they will treasure forever. How tough that must have been for them to be at the GLA gate, yet not meet Peterson and Gaelle. I don't think I would have been able to do that. I would have been a crazy woman clung to the gate. I am so glad they have found your file and really hope for your sake you hear news of movement very soon. I love your idea for a fundraiser... our church does not allow that. I wish you much success!