Friday, July 11, 2008

What if it's a scam?

I was explaining to somebody where we are in the adoption process.  He deeply cares for our family and when I explained that IBESR has the authority to accept or reject our family for international adoption, he asked, "So, what would happen if they rejected you?  Would you lose all your money?"

"Well, yeah.  That's one thing that would happen."

"So, what if it's a scam?"

"I am positive that we are not being scammed."

But, how in the world do I convey that to other people who are not immersed in this adoption world?  How do I let them know that I have absolute faith in my orphanage?  

We have all read stories of well respected agencies where things are perfect and above board and then huge problems develop.  So how can I have such confidence in the facilitators I have chosen?

I don't think there's a simple way to get that across.  I know this person cares about us, and if he had mentioned any other kind of loss other than the bottom line, I may have sat down and gone through all of the reasons for my faith in our process.  But as it was, I just dropped the issue.

Because quite honestly, if we are rejected by IBESR, money is the last thing I will be crying over.  The loss of 2 children that I consider my children would be devastating.  I wish I could send more money to our orphanage.  Their compassion and their love and their persistence and vision for caring for children humbles me.  I'm looking forward to sharing all our love.


Tim413 said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!!! Any time someone does something that is different, people will have questions.

In the Bible, Moses was trying to get the Egyptians to go into the promised land, but they didn't want to go because of fear. This happens in our lives, also. God wants us to do something that is amazing. Many times we do not do what God wants because of our fears.

The action of stepping out and doing something is the way to experience God's best for our lives

Jaime said...

We haven't been asked this particular question, but other interesting ones have come our way. We have learned through life that God does not "promise" us "things" in life. Not a house, not a job, not a family. But, He has promised that He will not leave us, and this gives me the hope I need to get through uncertain times! God bless you!