Monday, July 7, 2008

Still purging, but not this

Still taking my time and unpacking boxes.  I took this out of the box today and promptly put it in its place.  My Great Aunt Dot crocheted this with odds and ends of yarn and gave it to me.  She did this when she was in her 80's and her hands were severely deformed by arthritis.

I wish I had taken note of the date.  I wish I knew exactly how old she was.  I wish I had a picture of her hands.  She always wished she had taken pictures of all the things she created.  She gave almost everything she made away.  I have a couple of her treasures.  Things she made when her hands and mind were nimble.  And this lap blanket she made when her hands were no longer nimble but she couldn't stand to sit still and do nothing.  I think I like this the best of all.  This will not go in the yard sale.  

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