Friday, July 11, 2008

Healthy eating

For the past 2 summers Emily has worked full time at camp, which was a great experience but it did have its limitations.  She had significant weight gains both summers.  And it wasn't from canteen food.  She spent less than $5 at the canteen both summers.  We're still not sure why she gained... we have theories, but who really knows.

So this summer she decided to get a concrete plan in place.  We looked at all kinds of websites and talked with my dad (PhD in nutrition) and came up with a plan of action.  She has a list of foods that she will try to keep in stock and she can draw from for meals and snacks.  A bit tricky at times because as a counselor she is supposed to eat with campers and she doesn't want to look finicky.

Anyway,  I picked up my son yesterday from the same camp, and so I loaded up with her healthy food.  Lots of dark veggies and fruits,  fish,  fortified cereal, etc.  There was one odd looking food item in my cart.  Because of my long road trip, I decided to treat myself to my guilty pleasure...

Mrs. Dunsters Doughnuts.  Mmmm.

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