Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just the 3 of us

For the past 2 summers it's just been the 3 of us... mom, dad, child.  The other kids have been away working at camp.  But other years, Kaylin has had friends to break up the monotony of just mom and dad.  Not this year.  It's just us.  So far.  And we're having fun.  Well, sort of.  When Kaylin was a toddler she loved being an only child.  She loved those rare times and all of the attention.  Now she's missing her siblings.  Ah...

Today's adventure was the farmer's market.  Great food, flowers, fair trade cocoa, and bitter coffee.  Next time, the plan is coffee ahead of time.  The day also brought really cute kids dancing to the hand puppets playing a tune on the piano.  A beautiful day which could have only been better with a friend, or a sister.

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