Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Last week Robin convinced Peter to go out for a run with him. We didn't think Peter would last the whole time but there's nothing quite like youth. He ran for 5K without stopping and then sprinted at the end to beat Robin to the finish. Way to go.

Friday night we went to a Christian concert by City Harmonic. They have some great songs. My favourite was "Mountaintop". So powerful. I haven't been to a concert in a long time and it was fun.

On Saturday we went to Beulah and closed up the cottage for Dick. When we arrived the cottage was a little nippy.

Soon we had a fire going and all was well. Gaëlle especially seemed to enjoy the fire crackling. 

We were also greeted by some little mice in the tub. In fact, there was evidence of mice throughout the cottage. 

We picked up Snickers and Kaylin in Moncton and so we went for lots of walks while we were there. It was such a great weekend with beautiful fall weather.

On Saturday night somebody set off some firecrackers. Snickers does not enjoy the noise, so she did a little shaking and got some hugs.

We played some Monopoly which Robin managed to win quite easily. He started building his houses before the rest of us and the rest was history.

The horses in the back field came running as soon as Gaëlle showed up. She loved that.

Robin cooked up some eggs and bacon on the big griddle. He just loves that big cooking surface.

We stayed until the potluck on Monday. The kids requested "Pink Stuff" which is just jello and Cool Whip. They also wanted sweet potato casserole. So Gaëlle helped me on Monday morning do a little cooking.

There were about 150 people at the potluck and plenty of desserts. I'm glad I took some side dishes because people were taking home desserts but the veggies and salads were all gone.

My 27th Wedding Anniversary was this week. Kaylin surprised us with some flowers when we picked her up. They were pretty to look at all weekend.

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