Saturday, October 4, 2014

Meet Your Farmer

Every September farms in Nova Scotia open up to the public and every year we take the kids to meet the farmer. We love it and have great experiences. This year we went to a local dairy farm. 

This dairy farm has just started using biowaste to produce energy. So not only did we get a tour of the actual dairy production, we got a tour of the biowaste facility. 

Robin was really fascinated with this, but even I was impressed at the simplicity and the genius behind using cow poop to create energy. Apparently this is very common in Europe but this farm is the only one east of Toronto trying this in Canada.

Robin and Peter taking a closer look.

The string of power lines leading away from the farm. This farm has only had the biowaste online for 5 months and they are easily producing their own energy needs. They sell all the energy they produce to NS Power and then buy back what they need

This facility is very impressive but Robin's mind was racing with possibilities for using biowaste on a smaller scale in Haiti. He came home and immediately started looking the concept up and sure enough, it is being used on small scales all over the world. 

It was a gorgeous day and a great time for the family to get out and meet our farmers.

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