Saturday, October 4, 2014

A summer September weekend

Last weekend was gorgeous. It was hot and sunny and just perfect. On Saturday we headed to downtown Halifax to have breakfast at the Farmer's Market. Not only can you buy fresh produce and fruit, but there are also so many booths selling sweets and breads and crafts. Robin decided to go for sweet treat and Peter was right behind him. Gaëlle's eyes are sometimes bigger than her stomach so she had to finish her first selection before she could choose anything else.

I can remember one of the first times we did this, Peter was all grumpy about going away and maybe missing out on playing with his friends. This has since become a true treat for all of us and Peter no longer gets grumpy about leaving the house on a beautiful day if we are headed to the market. 

Peter and Gaëlle finishing off with a fruit smoothie. This is not a cheap breakfast, but I love it and the sunny day made it all that more fun.

The Farmer's Market is on the waterfront, so we always walk down to the playground area so the kids can climb the wave, and play on the anchors. 

On Sunday we had a dedication at our church for a new building, a celebration for the 40 years the church has been around, and a BBQ at the end. We all enjoyed the morning and spent the afternoon at a local beach area. The kids played in the sand and rocks for a bit.

Robin and I cruised the boardwalk and then Peter did the honours taking our picture. He does have the longest arm. Another amazing day and weekend.

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