Saturday, October 4, 2014

Catch Up Time

I tried to upload these birthday party photos earlier but the computer wasn't co-operating. Then I didn't get back to it. So, here are some birthday party shots almost a month later. 

Birthday parties are hugely anticipated in our household by a certain young lady. This year she asked for a Hawaiian theme and so we made paper flowers and grass skirts from table cloths. Then the girls tried to learn some dance moves.

They were all game and it was cute to see their attempts. 

I teach children in Junior Church and have pretty much given up on crafts for the kids. It just seems as though the majority of kids really don't enjoy them. But I knew the kids at this party would enjoy crafts so we did some modge podge with tissue paper on wooden containers. None of the kids had done it before and they turned out really cute.

Gaëlle asked for a red velvet cake which of course comes with a cream cheese icing. My kids love cheesecake and so that seemed like a good option. It turns out other kids are not as fond of cream cheese flavour as mine. 

But we also had fruit for the kids. This was a big hit. All of the girls hate fruit and some of the girls ate lots of fruit.

The kids came and filled up a bowl with the kind of fruit they wanted. 

I can't believe she is already nine. I look at pictures of her when she first came to Canada as a four and half year old. She looks so tiny. Now she has grown so big and is so strong and healthy. Wow. 

I'm closing with this photo because this is one thing Gaëlle never tires of; any kind of swinging. She spins constantly on the poles at the playgrounds. Front. Back. Over and over. Love it.

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