Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's orientation week


Robin and I had orientation week at Wesleyan HQ in Fishers, Indiana. The kids stayed with their grandparents in NJ. So, on Saturday, October 17, we drove all the way to NJ. 

We made a quick stop at LL Bean. 3 years ago I bought a backpack for Gaëlle and last year the zipper broke. We held onto it until we knew we were going to be passing through Maine. Sure enough, they gave us a credit for $35 and I bought another backpack. 

We flew out of Newark Airport on Sunday morning and headed to Indiana where it was #partyweek at Global Partners. We had a great week and were treated to treats ALL week. We stayed at a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast for missionaries, called Shunem House. As soon as we walked in the door and saw the treats in the kitchen, I made the decision to not have any candy. Somehow I managed to stay away and didn't have a single piece of candy while I was there. But we were treated so well and really felt spoiled.

There were 8 of us in orientation with a huge range of ages and skills and passions. It was fun to connect with them all. I now know what a physician's assistant is. The week was jam packed with training and Robin and I found it all beneficial and helpful. 

We flew back to NJ Friday night and found the pumpkins Peter and Gaëlle had carved that week. My parents kept the kids busy with all kinds of activities. They helped out at the library sale, went to exercise at the YMCA, ate out many times, went for a hike, and spent a day at the Liberty Science Center. 

They put together several puzzles. 

Both kids helped out with cooking during the week, but Gaëlle especially enjoyed her time in the kitchen.

The kids had a great time and I'm so thankful for all of the work my parents did to make their stay special. 

On Saturday we headed to Ephrata/Akron, Pennsylvania to visit Josh. It was so good to see him and we had great weather.

He took us for a tour of the MCC HQ in Akron. We were impressed with the village out back where they host groups and conferences. 

For lunch I told Josh I wanted the Lancaster type tourist experience. So, he took us to the largest buffet I have ever seen. Not that they food was more than other buffets, altho it probably was, but the building was huge. 

It was the Maple Shady Smorgasbord and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

Gaëlle and I were amused by the squash for sale.

Josh showed us some of the sights in his area and we stopped in at place. He rents a room in a house in Ephrata. The owner is fixing it up a little bit at a time and it looks really nice. It was a super quick visit, only 4 hours, but I'm so glad we were finally able to see where Josh lives. 

Starbucks coffee is way too strong for Robin and myself. We were both amused by this shirt. Anyway, it was a great week but we are glad to be home and back in our routine. 

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