Monday, July 28, 2014

Week in Review

Last Sunday we drove out to Bayside Camp to drop Peter off. It's been a little more tricky this summer finding activities for him. He doesn't mind going to the babysitters, but it really isn't our preference for him. He doesn't get to be very active there. So, I asked if he was interested in Bayside. It's only an hour from our house and even though he didn't know anybody, he was up for it. It was our  first time going out there. It looks like a great set up. The water looked fun anyway.

Friday night was pick up from Bayside Camp. Peter wasn't anxious to have his photo taken but Gaelle and Robin are always willing. There was plenty of ice cream on the back deck when we arrived, so ice cream it was.

While Peter was gone, we made sure Gaëlle wasn't forgotten. One night she went with Robin to a movie and out to eat. Here she is waiting for Kaylin's arrival.

Because Kaylin was taking her out for frozen yogurt. Sister - sister time. 

Saturday night we headed out to our back deck for some hamburgers. Food always tastes better outside.

Then on Sunday, Robin and the kids headed out to Caton's Island. No camp. Just volunteer. Robin is giving a week of labour to the camp. And the kids are just going to be kids on the island. Peter will help out where possible. And Gaëlle will play. At least that's the plan. If she can't control herself, she'll find herself with a shovel volunteering alongside Robin. Prayers for a good week. 

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