Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jersey Shore

We took a trip to the Jersey Shore and the weather was perfect but the water was cold. 

You can see there is a little hesitation getting in. But they did go in and the boys managed to stay in for a while throughout the day. 

My parents had some beach toys so the kids had fun digging.

And digging and burying. 

I didn't get a lot of cooperation with picture taking on this day. 

But you can tell form the smiles, that they had fun. 

We ended our last night by going to a high end mall. The Short Hills Mall has stores ranging from normal department stores like Macy's to exclusive stores like Dior and Gucci. The 4 of us who went enjoyed window shopping and just walking around. 

Our very last excursion was to a buffet for lunch. Needless to say, Peter did a little fist bump when he heard we were going to The Habachi Grill and Buffet. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of his joy but he was happy to be there.

We all enjoyed it and hated to leave. But with full stomachs, we headed back to Canada. It was a great visit once again and I'm so thankful the details all worked out so we could go and connect again. 

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