Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A really fast wonderful Vacation

The kids finished school and we headed out for NJ. Our first stop on the way was Massachusetts where I got to hold sweet little Ruth for the first time. Oh yeah, we also spent the day with my brother and his family at Six Flags New England and Ruth was pretty much like she is in this picture. Just an angel.

It was such a treat to have Treena with us. And a real bonus for me because it was nice to have another adult in the car to help me stay awake. We all spent a bit of time peeking in at little Ruthie.

And we would often see her sleeping soundly.

Ruthie with her precious mom. 

Here's the gang ready to go on the rides. I didn't know how Peter and Gaëlle would handle these big rides. They love the rides they have been on but the roller coaster at Crystal Palace can't even compare to anything at 6 Flags. Tim wanted to take us on the biggest rides in the park right off the bat. I asked that we start with something that David could go on. So we went on a kids ride called "Catwoman". We made it. 

The he took us on a ride called Bizzaro. It scared Gaëlle but the rest of us made it. Ironically, whenever Tim would ask Peter if he wanted to go on bigger ride, he turned him down. It was an experience. 

David's favorite ride is called "Pandemonium". My body just can't handle all of the twists and turns of the rides and after the first 2, I sat this one out or I was afraid I would embarrass myself. But Tim is always ready for an adventure so he went with them.

This was the newest ride in the park; swings that go way up in the air. The kids wanted to go on this but the line was too long. Maybe another year.

We had our lunch in the parking lot which was perfect and a nice break.

During the afternoon we spent time in the water park where I was too busy playing in the water to get many photos. This is also a favourite of David's and I can see why. I personally loved the Lazy River. 

We went up and down these stairs a few times. Love the colours.

The tram took us back to our cars which was a nice break. Are they just 2 of the cutest kids ever? We had a great day and are thankful we were able to visit Masachusetts. It was way too short and I wish we could do it more often.

My mom gave all the girls aprons and so here are the lovely models. 

Gaëlle said over and over how excited she was for the BIRTHDAY Party. My mom is so creative and always hosts a giant birthday party for everybody. This year's theme was the Circus. We all had cotton candy, peanuts, and cracker jack popcorn for our pre-dinner treats. 

Some big smiles for some excited girls.

My mom usually chooses one person to be the Birthday girl/boy. This time it was Treena. Surprise. And you thought your birthday was in the fall.

After a great meal of hot dogs, corn on the cob, salad, and of course cake, we started with the games. Joseph was the keeper of the scores. We had to guess how many peanuts in the jar. Then we had to toss the peanuts in the jar. We think the fix was in and one corner was the lucky corner. 

My mom always finds some fun way to hand out the presents. This time, there were numbers in the boxes. We would take the wrapped package that matched the number. Then we would open it and guess who the present was for. Usually my mom spends all kinds of time gathering presents from yard sales and thrift stores and other places. This time she was completely different and took us to Barnes & Nobles where we were instructed to choose 2 items from the store. That was fun. 

For the most part it was easy to guess the person who chose the book or item. But there were a few surprises. It was such a fun night and I know Gaëlle was not disappointed. The birthday party of 2014 was a huge success.

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