Saturday, March 22, 2014

Haitian Giraffes

When Peter and Robin were in Haiti, they stopped off at the orphanage for a visit. You know how when you get together with old friends and family, you reminisce. From what I gather Peter brought up several memories of his time there. Gaƫlle's frequent time on top of the freezer was validated. Friends that he had and where they are now were discussed. Molly had saved some of Peter's school work and gave it to him. And Peter brought up the Haitian giraffes. Peter loved this painting and they laughed because Joyce thought it was odd to have jungle animals in a Haitian painting. Sometime after Peter had left, the painting was taken down. It had a tear and was showing some wear.

To Peter's delight, Joyce and Molly gave it to him. As soon as we got home, we took it to be framed. Peter wanted the exact same frame style as our other Haitian paintings, which was easily accomplished. The tear is now fixed and the painting is ready to be hung. We have 2 happy kids with their Haitian giraffes just trying to decide the best place to put it. We thought Peter would want it in his room, but he seems to want it in our living area. We'll see what the final decision is.

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Kathy said...

Loved seeing that picture again. It brought back great memories.

Kathy and Saraphina