Saturday, March 15, 2014

More March Break Fun

Thursday we went to the art gallery for the afternoon. An artist was available to give the kids drawing tips. We looked around for inspiration and then the kids started drawing. The artist immediately recognized Peter's talent and suggested classes for him. Not exactly the tips I thought she would give. She showed Gaëlle one of her art books with some really fun work and gave her some suggestions. All in all it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. We ended up at McDonalds which was something we did most of the week.

Friday morning we made cinnamon rolls and dropped them off.

This year we just gave them out to people Robin and I work with. Now that we work in the same building it is pretty convenient. They were very appreciative.

We met Emily for lunch which was fun. Subway for Emily and Gaëlle and Thai Express for me and Peter. Then over to the pool again where a family from church met us. A playmate for both kids and a mom for me. 

Both kids slept in every single morning. Both kids did extremely well all week. I just disciplined Gaëlle once and spoke to Peter once. Both kids stated they had a great week. It really does work best when we have structure, calm and some planned activity. Some families are able to handle full days. Not us. Or maybe it's not me. Either way, we had a great spring break. Now it's time for spring to really come.

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