Saturday, March 8, 2014

Packed a lot into a short week

When we talked with Peter about his trip to Haiti, one thing he was definite about. He wanted to get some griot (deep fried pork) from the street vendors. One of his fondest memories was a treat the older kids sometimes got. They would sometimes go to the corner vendor and buy some food. So, he was able to do that a lot while they were there. A local who spent some time in Canada but is now back in Haiti working with Haitian pastors, doesn't even buy food from the vendors. Yikes.

Robin made sure they had a visit to the Baptist Mission. He went there a few times while at Kay B. This time the treat was ice cream.

His favourite experience in Haiti was spending time in the mountains of Kenscoff with family. He was born there and lived there for the first 6 years of his life. His memories are a little weak, but it was obvious that the time spent there fed his soul.

Peter's favourite photo of his week in Haiti. 

Another highlight was spending time with Joyce and Molly at Kay B. A couple of random kids threw themselves into the photo. It's amazing to see how much Peter has grown when we look at his former caregivers.

It's also hard to believe that Peter slept in these beds. He has grown so much.

The nannies were excited to see Peter. The kids don't come back often and so they don't get to see the results of their hard work except through photos. It sounds like they were very happy to see Peter. They all asked questions about Gaëlle and Robin was able to show them all the photos on his iPad. 

It's no surprise that Gaëlle is known for her strong will and her desire to be in control of everything and everyone. The staff confirmed some of Gaëlle's tales of her punishment and admitted that she spent a lot of time in the punishment area. I think Robin shared that she has come a long way in her ability to control her actions. 

Peter was thrilled to swim in the ocean. Even though Haiti is surrounded by water, this was his first time swimming there. 

They had the chance to experience many different ways of travel while in Haiti. On their return trip from La Gonave, they went on the wooden Wesleyana. 

Val spent three years in Haiti and this was her first time on a Tap Tap. The experience even included a flat tire 5 minutes into the trip. 

Peter developed a saying while he was there. "Let's do it Haitian." I think riding on the back of a Tap Tap qualifies. 

Home again. Back to the cold. Robin is holding the basket they picked up for Gaëlle, which she immediately filled with her American Girl doll clothes. Quite a contrast but completely symbolic of their lives now. 

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