Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Love Languages

As a mother and wife, I'm always interested in showing my love in tangible ways. I want to express just how much I love my family and I want them to know that, always. Reading Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages helped me understand some of the different ways we all receive and give love. In a nutshell, I need "tangible acts of service". That's why my heart melts when my husband or kids clean up the kitchen without being asked. I hear loud and clear that they love me. Oh joy, oh bliss.

I think we need all 5 expressions of love, however, my kids each have strong preferences for the way they "hear" love. My son graduated from our homeschool high school this year and I was reminded once again of those 5 love languages. Two of my children lean towards "quality time" and the other child enjoys "thoughtful gifts". She's the one who coined the term "open now present". She loves to give and receive presents.

Graduation is obviously a time for presents and family time spent together. Our graduate received his share of awesome presents. My mother remarked on our time of celebration that she was thrilled to see her grandson so obviously enjoying himself. He certainly did light up the room as he was the center of attention. He was feeling the love as it was poured out to him with presents and time spent together.

Our son has already left home for the summer and he'll head directly to university. His time at home has come to an end. My prayer is that the love we have for him, empowers him as he goes through life. I pray that he in turn shares love with others. Not a selfish, what's in it for me, love, but a pure Godly love that looks out for others. Always wondering, what's the best way for me to show my love? I'm sure we'll continue to find ways to show our love. Care packages, money, gifts for no reason, phone calls, e-mails, ..... and on and on.

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