Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another adoption milestone

When our dossier was finally authenticated from Foreign Affairs and the Haitian Embassy, we drove the whole dossier up to Halifax and dropped it off with Janet Nearing. Then we waited to hear from our orphanage. Finally, on June 19 we received an email from GLA that our dossier had arrived safe and sound and they were taking it to 1st Legal the next day.

Well, that was exciting, but what did it mean? I had to look at my papers to see and I finally found a chart that explained it in terms that even I understood. 1st Legal just means that the Haitian Embassy signatures on our dossier are checked. That's it. It won't take long but it is a first step.

We now wait for a referral. Originally we had expected this to happen soon after our dossier arrived in Haiti. But for the past several months, there has been a huge delay in the adoption process. Dossiers are not being released from the last step before passports are issued. This means that orphanages are full and new children can not be taken in. So chances are, there are no children available for adoption that will match our family. Again, just a chance for us to rely on God and practice patience.

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