Saturday, April 26, 2014

Catching Up

On Good Friday our church put together a turkey dinner for a local shelter. The kids made some cards to give out during the meal. 

The kids also decorated some cupcakes. I have done this with birthday parties before and the cupcakes end up loaded with candy. But the kids always enjoy their masterpieces.

Wow. Just a week ago was our annual Bunny Day hunt. I made up 5 bags of candy for my family but only one child chose to hunt this year. 

Did she find one?

Kaylin was along to give out some hints. Found it!!!

Gaëlle enjoying the fruit of her labour. Interestingly enough, Peter was the first one to go through his candy this time. Usually Gaëlle obsesses when there is candy around, but this time she handled it well and ate a bit at a time and didn't constantly hound us. I hope this continues for her.

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