Saturday, April 12, 2014

Volunteering for Life

Emily has had several volunteer opportunities over the years and sometimes finds herself over committed. And when she commits to an organization, person, idea, she doesn't just show up; she totally involves herself, which contributes to her overcommitment. This year she was recognized for that type of enthusiasm. 

She has spent lots of time with an organization called THE CLUB. They offer programs and drop in times for youth and adults with mental and physical disabilities. They basically welcome anybody who feels excluded. So not only has Emily spent lots of time there, she did what she does best and she initiated a therapy option. She started a puppet club. Now that sounds simple enough but Emily is one who goes above and beyond and made sure anybody who wanted to, could participate. She really put a lot of thought and creativity into the performances. It has been a wonderful tool for some of the youth who don't normally get excited about other activities. 

This Wednesday the ceremony was held, and she received recognition for her efforts. Way to go Emily. I know this isn't just a way to pass time for Emily but a way of life. 

I'm ending this week with a picture demonstrating how much Peter eats. This is his second plate of food one night this week. He had already polished off a full plate and this was his second go. He finished off his meal with a bowl of ice cream. It's no wonder we never have left overs around here.

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