Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tree planting cooks

Every single picture here today was taken from Kaley's camera. I asked for permission after the fact, so I hope it's ok. But the pictures she has posted really give a flavor of what is happening. The first ones show the 2 cooks preparing a Hawaiian feast. Kaylin is threading fruit and veggie kabobs for the grill.

Kaley is slicing the ham.

Doesn't it all look so nice? Impressive.

They even decorated the juice coolers. 

The camp has moved to a new location but back a few weeks when the fires were around, Kaley took the road leading into the camp before the fire and smoke, and after the fire and smoke.

These last few pictures from Kaley all show some of the yummy desserts they make for the tree planters. 

I bet these were amazing.

Apple pies.

Pumpkin cupcakes. 

It's pretty impressive to see what Kaley and Kalin come up with in a cooking trailer in the middle of the woods. 

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