Sunday, June 23, 2013

First weekend of summer

The first weekend of summer has come and gone and it was a great way to start things off. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, but warm enough to know it's summer. We spent Saturday afternoon at the multi-cultural festival and enjoyed it just like we always do. The food vendors are great and the prices are just right. We tried food from Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Portugal, and of course, good ol' Canada. Peter was feeling his maritime roots and had a whole fish. We think it was herring. He loved it.

Gaëlle had fried noodles and bites of pretty much everything but when she saw the drumsticks, she was pretty keen to have one.

We spent quite a bit of time watching some African dancing. This lady was great and so entertaining.

We watched for a while.

She was full of expression.

The first time she asked for people to come forward and learn some of the steps, Gaëlle wouldn't budge from her seat.

We actually left and came back and slowly Gaëlle started moving towards her. She was so patient and fun for the kids and adults who tried it. By the end, Gaëlle was fully into it.

We saw some Scottish Country Dancers.

One of 2 groups from the Chinese Association. We could have stayed longer, but Peter had a party to get to, so we left.

Sunday afternoon we had a puppet picnic at Lake Banook to celebrate the end of our puppet year. Robin brought his camping stove which was perfect for hot dogs. We all brought something to share so there was plenty of food.

The water was cold but all but one of the kids went in. One family brought their dog and she was so well behaved; spending most of the time in the water.

Adults and Gaëlle just hanging out and enjoying the sun. The kids were throwing baseballs and footballs around, kicking a soccer ball, and of course, going in and out of the water. 

Gaëlle took this shot of me and I just thought I would put it up to prove that, yes, I am here. Do you like the artistic slant she used? Just a little tilt of the camera. Totally on purpose. 

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