Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hard work from a 7 year old perspective

The kids love to craft and make things. Their location of choice to create is on the kitchen table. The other day I asked them to clean up their mess, and believe me it was a huge mess, so that we could eat. They cheerfully went to it and after a few minutes Gaëlle asks me, "Aren't you going to get a picture of this hard work." So enjoy the hard work photo.

The next hard work photo is a rhubarb cream pie I made for Robin's birthday. I'm really not a pie maker and so when I do, it's a bit of work for me. Robin requested a rhubarb strawberry pie for his birthday but I found this rhubarb cream recipe from Aunt Floris in the Sandford Wesleyan Cookbook. Let me just say, that it was delicious. We all loved it.

Notice the creative presents made by the kids. Multiple hand made cards by Gaëlle.

A painting from Peter.

One candle. No reason for only one. I guess I was just lazy.

This was also Emily's last night here. Some of her friends came over and Gaëlle invited them to play a game. She chose "Fancy Nancy" and fortunately they obliged her. Peter took the photo for me. They all look serious here but they were super to the little girl who loves Fancy Nancy and there were lots of laughs. 

The big bags full of the necessities of life for one summer counsellor.

Big hug good bye.

Robin's birthday started off with a trip to the airport. Emily is very excited to be off to Wisconsin and the Easter Seals Camp. She will have a great time and hopefully be exposed to some great resources for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. So happy that she has this opportunity. 

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